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Tim Harrison

DevSecOps Team Lead

Mounting a Windows share to Ubuntu

In this example I will be using my network share for the purposes of backing up my Ubuntu server using Mondo backup.

Firstly we will need to install required packages.

apt-get install cifs-utils

Make a directory to be used as a mount point for this directory. This is where your network share will be available to on your system.

mkdir /media/serverbackup

We will need to now edit our fstab file to ensure that this network share mounts each time we boot our server. Edit your fstab file as follows:

nano /etc/fstab
//[servername]/[sharename]          /media/serverbackups cifs username=WINDOWSUSERNAME,password=PASSWORD,iocharset=utf8,sec=ntlm 0 0

Now confirm that everything is set up correctly by manually mounting all available mount points running the below command. If you wish to check the auto-mount functionality you can also just reboot your server. If there are no errors you should be good to go

mount -a