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Tim Harrison

DevSecOps Team Lead

Deploying Route53 Subdomain for a VPC

How to create a Subdomain for a VPC (Eg [vpcname].int.[yourdomain].com). This is useful for allowing ec2 instances to connect to each other with custom domain names rather than the internal DNS name automatically created by AWS when You create an ec2 instance.

Setting up the Subdomain in Route 53:

Creating a Record:

Setting up Your DNS Host:

Enabling the Hosted Zone in Your VPC:

Setting the FQDN Domain for the VPC:

In order to be able to resolve DNS names without the full fqdn (Eg resolving just “db” rather than having to use “”) You need to update the DHCP Option Set for the VPC to provide this Domain via DHCP.

To immediately test the DNS resolution You can reboot one of Your instances on the VPC and ensure You can ping one of the A records You created.